If you like watching movies and debating film, then The CinemaMen Podcast may just be for you.


Matt Hurdle and John Murphy began an endeavor many years ago. They would watch significant films together and then write a review.

The site(http://www.cinema-men.com) lasted for a few years but eventually was abandoned.

In 2019, Matt and John decided to resurrect the idea and create a podcast.

On The CinemaMen Podcast, each movie is broken down into sections: The Review, The Spice Awards and Did You Know. The Review is a standard review section but we break down the review into more granular topics. The Spice Awards is an awards section that we came up with in which we award certain actors, scenes and various other things for being notable. In Did You Know, we discuss various facts about the movie that we found on the internet. Finally, we close the show with a star rating.